Zeno Profile

Real Name Zeno
Gender Male
Species Triceraton
Occupations Gladiator
Team Ninja Turtles
Allies Ninja Turtles
Enemies Triceraton EmpireKraang Hive Mind
Weapons Iron Mallet
Home Triceraton Arena
Height 15 or 20 tall
Eye Color Green
First Appearance The Arena of Carnage
Voiced By John DiMaggio

Zeno, aka Zeno the Undefeatable, is an ally of the Ninja Turtles. He is a gigantic Triceraton that was formerly a warrior that once served the Triceraton Empire, until he rebelled against them due to his empire attempting to look for the Heart of Darkness in order to get revenge from the Kraang Hive Mind. This lead to him loosing his job and becoming a prisoner of Zanmoran and the empire, who is forced to be part of the Triceraton Arena. Zeno debuts in The Arena of Carnage.


In an unknown period of time, Zeno was once part of the Triceraton Empire. But when the Triceratons had plans on looking for the three pieces of the Heart of Darkness and using it against The Kraang, he disagreed about this idea. Because of this, he became a prisoner of the Triceratons. Then they started to use him as a gladiator in the Triceraton Arena. Since he was a giant and was a champion against any opponent he faced, he became known as Zeno the Undefeatable.

TV Show

Season 4

The Arena of Carnage



Powers, Abilities, and Weaponry




Zeno Versus Ninja Turtles
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  • The signature weapon of Zeno is his iron mallet.
  • The personality and background of Zeno is very similar to a character named Traximus.
    • Traximus is a classic character of the TMNT universe who was also a rebel against the Triceratons and was an ally of the Ninja Turtles. He has not been presented to this show yet, but according to the producers, Zeno isn't Traximus. This might hint that he might make an appearance in the show later on, or it might simply be their intention to present the two as entirely different characters.
  • A unique feature about Zeno is that he is 16 feet and 10 inches tall.
    • This is unique since the height of an average Triceraton is 10 feet, which also makes Zeno the tallest of the Triceratons; the second tallest is Zera.
  • In the Triceraton Arena, when Zeno was about to destroy the Ninja Turtles, Zanmoran said that Zeno would be free. But then, Zeno refused to and threw his mallet at Zanmoran, which he was able to dodge and instead hits Zanmoran's throne.