Tiger Claw

Takeshi 04
Takeshi as a Mutant Bengal Tiger with an eye patch, torn ear, & mechanical hand.

Takeshi 02
Takeshi as a Mutant Bengal Tiger with an eye patch and torn ear.

Takeshi 01
Takeshi as a Mutant Bengal Tiger.

Real Name Takeshi
Alias Tiger Claw • Catman • Kitty Cat Man • Tony • Kitty Cat • TC • Catmando • Tiger Dude • Kitty Claw • Crimson Leader
Gender Male
Species Human (Japanese) (Formerly)
Mutant Bengal Tiger (Currently)
Occupations Hero
Bounty Hunter
Circus Performer (Formerly)
Hired Assassin (Formerly)
Second-In-Command of The Foot Clan (Formerly)
Leader of The Foot Clan (Formerly)
Team The Foot Clan (Formerly)
Allies Baxter Stockman/ Baxter FlyThe Foot Clan (Formerly) • Italian Mafia (Formerly) • Kavaxas (Formerly) • Ninja TurtlesApril O' NeilCasey JonesKaraiShinigamiThe Foot Clan (Karai)Leatherhead
Enemies Ninja Turtles (Formerly) • Splinter (Formerly) • April O' Neil (Formerly) • Casey Jones (Formerly) • Karai (Formerly) • Shinigami (Formerly) • Mighty Mutanimals (Formerly) • Kraang Hive MindTriceraton EmpireAlopex (Sister) • The Foot Clan (Karai) (Formerly) • Italian MafiaRahzarUndead ShredderKavaxas
Weapons Ice PistolsLaser PistolsMacheteRifle (see below)
Home Tokyo, Japan (Formerly)
New York City (Currently)
Height Unknown
Age 38
Hair Color Orange & White with black stripes
Eye Color Yellow
First Appearance Wormquake! Part One
Last Appearance End Times
Voiced By Eric Bauza
This is the Foot Clan you promised me? I must say Master Shredder, I am disappointed.

—Takeshi expresses his own opinion about The Foot Clan towards The Shredder, Wormquake! Part One

Takeshi, aka Tiger Claw, is an ally of the Ninja Turtles. Formerly a Japanese boy named Takeshi that lived in Tokyo, Japan, he is now a mutant Bengal tiger who was mutated by The Kraang decades ago alongside with his sister, both later on becoming circus performers, then top-level assassins, and eventually turning on each other. As a very deadly assassin and bounty hunter, he serves The Shredder in New York City as the second-in-command of The Foot Clan. He has lost his tail and right hand because of Alopex and his right eye. After Leonardo assassinated Super Shredder, he became the new leader of The Foot Clan and summoned Kavaxas to resurrect his old master. But after everything lead to Kavaxas betraying him, he leaves The Foot Clan and declares a truce with the Turtles. He wields a Machete, a pair of Laser Pistols, and a pair of Ice Pistols as his signature weapons of choice. He has a rivalry with Alopex (Sisterly), Baxter Stockman/ Baxter Fly, Leonardo, Karai and Kavaxas. Takeshi debuts in Wormquake! Part One.


Years ago in Tokyo, Japan, Tiger Claw used to be a Japanese boy named Takeshi, who lived in a small village alongside with his unnamed little sister. One day when the two siblings were at a playground, they witnessed as a Kraang portal opened in front of them.

2D Tiger Claw And Alopex As Children
Thinking that it was a magic door, they entered with no fear and were taken by The Kraang. They performed experiments on the two children with their Mutagen, causing Takeshi to mutate into a mutant Bengal Tiger and his sister to mutate into a mutant red fox. After many months of hardship, they both escaped from The Kraang and went back to Earth. After realizing that they would no longer be accepted by the others due to their mutant forms, they decided to flee from their home to later take refuge at a circus. But after thinking their abilities were much more valuable, Alopex and Tiger Claw both became top-level assassins in the criminal underworld eventually.
2D Alopex Cuts Off Tiger Claw's Tail
But one day, Alopex turned on him (over a vendetta she held on him) and she attempted to assassinate him in a duel. After failing to attempt murder, she was only able to cut off his tail with her Kama and escaped from him. She took her brother's tail, claiming it as a trophy, and had suffered very fatal wounds caused by Tiger Claw. Tiger Claw thought that his sister would not survive the wounds, but he learned that he was wrong when he found out that she was still alive. Now Alopex wears Takeshi's tail as a memento so that she can remind her brother what he has put her through. Afterwards, Tiger Claw continued with his reputation of being a mercenary and bounty hunter and traveled many lands, with his weapons being trophies of his conquests. One day, Shredder recruited him to become the second-in-command of The Foot Clan, a ninja clan that he had in New York City.




Powers, Abilities, and Weaponry

  • Enhanced Strength
  • Enhanced Agility
  • Enhanced Smell
  • Night Vision
  • Jaws
  • Sharp Claws
  • Machete
  • Laser Pistols
  • Ice Pistols
  • Rifle
  • Jet Pack
  • Cursed Twin Blades of Vengeance (Temporarily)
  • Mechanical Hand
  • Mystic Seal of the Ancients (Temporarily)




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TMNT 2012 Tiger Claw
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  • The name of Tiger Claw in Japanese is Tora No Tsume, which is a type of katana sword.
  • Takeshi's character is very similar to that of Katmandu (from the Archie comics), Old Hob (from the IDW comics), and Verminator-X (from the Archie comics).

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