Sumo Kuma

Sumo Kuma
Sumo Kuma as a Samurai commander.

Real Name Sumo Kuma
Gender Male
Species Anthropomorphic Bear
Occupations Head Monk Of Temple Palace of the Sky Buddha
Bounty Hunter
Samurai Commander Of Neko Clan (Formerly)
Team Neko Clan (Formerly)
Allies Jei (Formerly) • Ninja TurtlesMiyamoto UsagiKintaro
Enemies Miyamoto Usagi (Formerly) • Ninja Turtles (Formerly) • Kintaro (Formerly) • Akemi (Formerly)
Weapons Kanabō
Home Usagi Yojimbo Dimension
Height Unknown
Age Unknown
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Yellow
First Appearance Yojimbo
Last Appearance Kagayakei! Kintaro
Voiced By Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa

Sumo Kuma is an ally of the Ninja Turtles. He is an anthropomorphic bear from the Yojimbo Dimension, who is the head monk of the Temple Palace of the Sky Buddha. He was brainwashed by Jei, just like the Ninja Turtles, to serve him as the fierce and cunning commander of the Neko Samurai ronins, who would help him hunt down Kintaro. Once the Ninja Turtles, Miyamoto Usagi, and Kintaro reached the Temple Palace of the Sky Buddha, him and Jei fought them off to get Kintaro in Jei's grasp. After a final showdown that lead to the death of Jei-San, the monk revealed himself to had been manipulated by the demonic Samurai wolf. Now that he is no longer under the influence of Jei, he takes care of the Golden Boy in the temple. Sumo Kuma debuts in Yojimbo.





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