Slash 01
Spike as a Mutant Tortoise.

Slash 02
Spike as a Mutant Tortoise with green lips.

Slash 03
Spike as a Mutant Tortoise without his gear.

Spike Bio
Spike as a normal tortoise.

Real Name Spike
Alias Slash
Gender Male
Species Mutant Tortoise
Occupations Raphael's Pet (Formerly)
Leader of the Mighty Mutanimals (Currently)
Team Ninja TurtlesMighty Mutanimals
Allies Ninja TurtlesThe Newtralizer (Formerly) • SplinterApril O'NeilCasey JonesMighty MutanimalsThe Foot Clan (Karai)Jack J. KurtzmanUtrom High Council1987 Turtles
Enemies Ninja Turtles (Formerly) • Kraang Hive MindThe NewtralizerThe Foot ClanTriceraton EmpireItalian Mafia1987 Foot ClanTraagGranitor
Weapons Mace
Home New York City
Height Unknown
Age Unknown
Hair Color None
Eye Color Green
First Appearance Rise of the Turtles Part Two (Turtle)
Slash and Destroy (Mutant)
Last Appearance Slash and Destroy (Turtle)
The Big Blowout (Mutant)
Voiced By Corey Feldman
Never liked the name Spike, call me...SLASH!

—Spike renaming himself, Slash and Destroy

Spike, aka Slash, is an ally of the Ninja Turtles. Formerly as the pet tortoise of Raphael, he was a turtle that was rescued by Raph after he found him in the Sewers. But after Raph supervised a canister of Mutagen that he confiscated and the canister broke, the turtle submerged into the ooze to mutate himself into a mutant tortoise. Since the Mutagen warped his brain, he became berserk towards his former owner and the other Turtles. Some time later he became the partner-in-crime of The Newtralizer, who were both trying to eradicate The Kraang. But once he started to questioned K'Vathrak's sanity, he betrays him and starts to go on his own path. Once the Kraang Invasion came and the Turtles were no longer in New York City, he was recruited by Jack J. Kurtzman to become a part of the Mighty Mutanimals, becoming the leader of the team. He wields the Mace as a signature weapon of choice. He has a rivalry with The Newtralizer, Leonardo, and Raphael. Spike debuts in Rise of the Turtles Part Two and Slash debuts in Slash and Destroy.


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  • Slash caused his mutation on purpose, so that he could grant Raph's wish of them being a team as Spike.
  • The mace that Slash has might had been the same mace that April O' Neil was going to use as her weapon.
  • Slash can immediate Leonardo's voice very well.
    • This ability was used on Michelangelo.
      • This is a reference to Sh'Okanabo from the 2003 series, who also mimicked Leonardo's voice, only that he used this on Raphael and not Michelangelo.
  • This version of Slash doesn't has a "Z" logo like the others, but a "S" logo.
  • This is the second incarnation of Slash in which he was a pet in his pre-mutated mode.
    • The first Slash incarnation that was a pet was the 1987 Slash.
      • But instead of being the pet of Raphael, he was the pet of Bebop.
  • In Metalhead Rewired, Slash was one of the mutants that were captured by The Kraang.
  • He is the leader of the Mighty Mutanimals.
  • In Battle for New York Part One, it was seen that he had a new design, in which his lower lip turned green or yellow.
    • This has not been explained yet in the show.
  • In Clash of the Mutanimals, he was one of the mutants that had the Mind Control Serum tested on.
  • In Dinosaur Seen in Sewers!, him and Monkey Rockwell got attacked by Zog when they were in the Sewers searching for him, to see if the Dino Man was real.
  • In Annihilation: Earth! Part One, he was seen with Rockwell inside Donnie's Lab healing from the injuries that Zog gave them in the previous episode.
  • In Annihilation: Earth! Part Two, he got sucked into the black hole that was created by the Heart of Darkness.
  • Slash's spiky carapace strongly resembles an extreme form of a turtle health condition called pyramiding.
    • This condition is when the scutes (individual segments) of the carapace grow outward in pyramid-shaped spikes. In real turtles, this is a form of metabolic bone disorder thought to be caused by inadequate humidity or improper diet (this is found almost entirely in pet land turtles). Though owners often consider pyramiding attractive and exotic, it actually means the turtle has potentially serious health problems; these problems are treatable, but the pyramiding itself is irreversible and adds certain difficulties to a turtle's life. Healthy turtles without this condition have smooth round shells, just like Spike before his mutation.
  • If Slash's massive carapace spikes are solid and rigid, they would appear to pose a physical obstacle if he were to try to lie on his back or sit with his back against an object.
  • Slash has a few similarities with the Mirage Splinter.
    • Both of them weren't specifically trained in ninjutsu, but learned ninjutsu by observing ninjas in training.
      • While Splinter observed his human owner Hamato Yoshi, Spike observed Raphael, his brothers, and Splinter.
      • The Mirage incarnation of Splinter regarded Hamato Yoshi as his master, and Slash regarded Splinter as "Master Splinter".