Metalhead (2012 Action Figure)
Character Metalhead
Weapons Flame Thrower, Missile Launcher
Team Ninja Turtles
Released 2012
Toyline TBA

Metalhead (2012 Action Figure) is an action figure of the character, Metalhead. This action figure has like the same exact designs as in the series. The toy has a missile that he can shoot from his hand. This figure is not like very short than in the series. This toy was released in 2012.


Built to last; built to blast, Metalhead is a "mutant" machine like no other! Created by Donatello from salvaged Kraang tech, Metalhead is one of the Turtles' most powerful weapons against evil. The turtle-like Don Droid is practically indestructible! Cloaked in impenetrable armor and laser-lancing arm cannon, Metalhead's a force to be reckoned with, Turtle style!

  • Weapons: Flame Thrower, Missile Launcher
  • Team: Ninja Turtles


  • Fireball projectile


  • Ball Joint Head
  • Swivel Shoulders
  • Swivel Hing Hips
  • Swivel Hinge knees
  • Swivel Wrists