Kavaxas Bio
Kavaxas, lord of the Demodragons & ruler of the Netherworld.

Real Name Kavaxas
Alias Hot Head • Dragon Dude • Dragon Man
Gender Male
Species Demodragon
Occupations Lord of the Demodragons
Ruler of the Netherworld
Team The Foot Clan (Formerly)
Allies The Foot Clan (Formerly) • Undead ShredderRahzarHattori TatsuHo ChanThe Rat KingThe HammerNetherworld Spirits
Enemies Ninja TurtlesThe Foot Clan (Karai)The Foot ClanItalian MafiaApril O'NeilCasey JonesLeatherheadHattori Tatsu (Formerly)
Weapons Demodragon Staff
Home Netherworld
Height Unknown
Age Unknown
Hair Color None
Eye Color Yellow
First Appearance Scroll of the Demodragon
Last Appearance End Times
Voiced By Mark Hamill
Mortal! You dare call upon Kavaxas? Lord of the Demodragons, Ruler of the Netherworld?! I will burn you and the rest of these abominations to ash.

—Kavaxas's first line, Scroll of the Demodragon

Kavaxas, aka Hot Head, is an enemy of the Ninja Turtles. As a the lord of the Demodragons and ruler of the Netherworld, he is one of the most powerful Demodragons of all from the Netherworld. With abilities such as pyrokinesis, necromancy, power absorption, and soul absorption, he has proven to be one of the most deadliest villains that the Ninja Turtles and his allies had to face (even more deadlier than Super Shredder in fact). Originally he was summoned by Tiger Claw through the aid of The Scroll of the Demodragon, so that the demon could resurrect the recently deceased master of The Foot Clan, The Shredder. As soon as The Shredder was resurrection and the two other deeds to his liberation were accomplished, he gained enough power in order for him to potentially take over the 10 dimensions, as he unleashed a Netherworld Invasion all over the streets of New York City. But once the Mystic Seal of the Ancients was fixed by Michelangelo and was able to command the demon for his own purposes, he ends up back to the Netherworld alongside Undead Shredder. He wields a Demodragon Staff as his signature weapon of choice. He has a rivalry with Tiger Claw. Kavaxas debuts in Scroll of the Demodragon.



Preparation For His Arrival

"Children, heed my words. We are close at hand to bringing about his return. But we must find the Scroll of the Demodragon. With it, we will be able to summon a mighty being who has the power to bring forth the Master himself. It waits for us in this city. Go forth and capture the scroll. Do not fail me!"
Tiger Claw to the Foot Cultists[src]
2D Shredder Cult
After some time that The Foot Clan was defeated by the Ninja Turtles and Super Shredder's assassination, Tiger Claw and the remaining mutant henchmen fled back to New York City to seek vengeance. Without a lair to hide in, they found an underground shrine that was dedicated to The Shredder, which was built by the Foot Cultists, a species of mutants born from Super Shredder's mutagen blood.
TC Prepares To Summon The Demodragon
Once it was discovered, Takeshi took over as leader of "The Shredder Cult", alongside as the leader of The Foot Clan, as their "Crimson Leader". He even learned about a demonic being, who he was willing to summon to Earth, as he believed he would have the power to resurrect The Shredder. So during some months, the Foot Cultists had been working hard to retrieve the Mystic Seal of the Ancients and The Scroll of the Demodragon for their master. With these mystical artifacts in his clutches, Takeshi would be able to summon the Demodragon, Kavaxas, from the Netherworld. During the heist for the scroll, the Ninja Turtles found out about The Foot still running underground with Tiger Claw.

The Summoning Of Kavaxas

"You will bear witness to the summoning of a greater being, Kavaxas, the most powerful of all the Demodragons. And his power will soon belong to me."
(Dramatic music)
"Navasa, zaan, kanda, athrovaxa, noruto, zavasay."
"Mavakaa sekulaa."
"Mavakaaa sekulaa nadavaaaa. Mavakaaa sekulaa nadavaaaa. Kavaxas!"
Tiger Claw summoning Kavaxas[src]
TC Summons Kavaxas
After the Ninja Turtles, April O'Neil, and Casey Jones discovered the shrine and got themselves captured by The Foot Clan, Takeshi reveals that the Turtles would soon witness the summoning of Kavaxas, lord of the Demodragons and ruler of the Netherworld.
The Arrival Of Kavaxas
As he reads the chant within The Scroll of the Demodragon, Tiger Claw is able to bring the Demodragon from the Netherworld to Earth. With the demon finally on Earth, he seems to be angered by this and spots his summoners. As he tries to threatens Takeshi for summoning him to Earth and vows to destroy every mortal in the room, he spits fire right at the mutant Bengal tiger.

Kavaxas's First Task

"You will do nothing but obey me."
"Ahh! The Seal of the Ancients. You are wiser than I thought, creature. Very well then. What would you have me do, Master?"
"You will destroy the Turtles and their human allies, as a sign of fidelity to the Foot. Make it slow. Make it painful."
"As you command."
―Kavaxas and Tiger Claw[src]
Tiger Claw Flashes Seal At Kavaxas
Luckily for Tiger Claw whatsoever, he was able to use the Mystic Seal of the Ancients as a barrier against Kavaxas' fire blast. Kavaxas, who didn't realize it before, soon realizes that the mortal summoner was wielding the Seal. Acknowledging this wise creature, he becomes loyal to Takeshi and refers to him as his "master". As he evilly laughs, the mutant commands the Demodragon to destroy the Turtles and their human friends as a way to demonstrate fidelity to The Foot Clan. With the demon hearing out his commands, Kavaxas flies up and starts to attack his new enemies. As Michelangelo offers a slice of pizza to the demonic dragon as a sign of "inter-dimensional peace", the demon burns it into ashes with his fire breath. With the Turtles and their allies chaging at Hot Head, he starts to spit another fire blast at the heroes. Due to this attack, Mikey tries to fight back against the demon by using his Nun-Chucks, which wraps around his left arm. Using his pyrokinetic powers once again, he is able to generate green fire from his left arm that fatally injures the young Turtle. As Leonardo aids his little brother, Kavaxas starts to project green lasers through his fingertips and starts to attack everyone inside the Underground Shredder Shrine. During this careless attack by Kavaxas, the shrine's ceiling was starting to collapse and Takeshi commands the demon to only attack the Turtles and their allies. As he shows obedience to his master, Kavaxas lands on the ground and starts to walk up to his enemies. WIth the Demondragon finally on land, the heroes started to charge at him. Unluckily for them, Raphael, Donatello, Michelangelo, and Casey Jones get themselves defeated with ease by the creature. As Leonardo starts to run around the walls of the shrine and jumps right at Kavaxas, attempting to use his Katana Swords to cause great damage to him. But surprisingly for him, the blades of the swords were so weak compared to the demon's skin that they broke during contact.

Tiger Claw's True Intentions

"I call upon the power of the Seal of the Ancients to bind you to my purpose."
"By the spirits of all Demodragons past, you have my will."
"Is it true? Only you have the power to manifest my wish, do you not?"
"Indeed, Master Tiger Claw. I have that power and so much more."
"Then you must do it. No matter what it takes. No matter who stands in your way. You will bring The Shredder back from the dead! "
Tiger Claw and Kavaxas[src]

The Resurrection Of Rahzar

"Kavaxas, with this, the Seal of the Ancients, I command you! Raise Chris Bradford, our fallen comrade."
"Very well master."
(High-pitched whir)
(Tone chimes)
(Indistinct chanting)
"I live! "
―Kavaxas and Tiger Claw resurrecting Rahzar[src]

Preparation For The Shredder's Resurrection

"I do not have all I need to raise your precious Shredder yet. Two things remain; his heart, through which new life can flow, and his lost helmet, the Kuro Kabuto, which holds his mental energy."
"Then it is essential we recover them. Bradford, Xever, find the Kuro Kabuto and bring it to me."
―Kavaxas and Tiger Claw[src]

Retrieving The Kuro Kabuto

"Bradford, join me!"
"The Kuro Kabuto is worthy only of..."
"The Shredder!"
Hattori Tatsu, Rahzar, and Kavaxas[src]

Assembling The Kabuto

"Now only his heart remains.
"My men are on it. Remember who your master is, Kavaxas."
―Kavaxas and Tiger Claw[src]

Mission To Retrieve The Heart

"Faithful followers, for Kavaxas to resurrect the great Shredder, we must obtain one final item: the Shredder's heart!"
"Weird. I didn't think Shredder even had a heart."
"I have already sent Zeck and Steranko to find the heart."
"If they fail me, I will have both of their souls."
"You mean, if they fail me, Kavaxas."
"Okay, team, now we know what they're looking for. It's, um, gross and weird, but we have to stop them."
Raphael and Michelangelo eavesdropping Kavaxas and Tiger Claw[src]

Kavaxas' Impatience And Tiger Claw's Suspicions

"Those incompetent mutant men of yours are responsible for losing the heart! I cannot resurrect Shredder without it. There is no other way!"
"You seem particularly invested in resurrecting my master."
(Tense music)
"Don't worry, baby, we already found 'em."
"Is just as we thinks, Vizioso hides in filthy Hignight Hotel like rat."
"Looks like that fool's gonna skip town, Cat-man."
"Better make a move fast!"
(Wings flapping)
"You must capture the heart! Allow his escape and I will tear the entire city to pieces!"
(Guttural grunting)
"And you as well."
"Stop this! You will do as I say, demon. Now, we will all prepare for the siege."
―Kavaxas, Tiger Claw, Bebop, and Rocksteady[src]

The Foot Clan Versus Italian Mafia

"Hey, yo, I'm gonna kick this Dragon Man's tail in, yo!"
"Do you think such worldly weapons can hurt Kavaxas?"
―Kavaxas and The Hammer[src]

Kavaxas' Attempt For Liberation

"Now that we got it, how do we make this thing work?"
"The Seal! Liberation!"
―Kavaxas and Raphael[src]

Retrieving The Heart

"Enough of these games! Retrieve the heart at once, Kavaxas.


Tiger Claw to Kavaxas[src]

The Resurrection Of The Shredder

"Kovatala Zavanasa Vakasala! Let the Shredder rise once more! "
―Kavaxas resurrects The Shredder[src]

Kavaxas Stays In The Foot Clan

"You need to recover. Kavaxas, will he heal?"
"In time."
"What? Restore him now! I do not want an excuse to keep you here."
"Kavaxas stays with us, Tiger Claw."
"Soon this pitiful world will be ours."
―Kavaxas, Tiger Claw, and Undead Shredder[src]

The Turtles' Infiltration At The Shrine

"Welcome, my enemies."
(Both chittering)
(Growling)"How many millennia have I waited. I will send you to the Netherworld to take my place."
"Now I shall have my revenge!"
―Kavaxas, Undead Shredder, and Leonardo[src]

Michelangelo Controls Kavaxas

"Ah-ha! All right, Hot Head. Attack Zombie Shredder!"
"Cannot disobey."
―Kavaxas and Michelangelo[src]

The Shredder Promotes Kavaxas

"How easily you turned on us. What is your game?"
"Only to serve the one who holds the Seal, Master."
"Shredder, what will you have me do? Banish the Demodragon back to the Netherworld?"
"No. Kavaxas is a powerful ally. He will remain on Earth with us - as my second in command."
―Kavaxas, Tiger Claw, and Undead Shredder[src]

Destruction Of The Seal

"Now that Kavaxas is my second in command, you will relinquish the Seal of the Ancients to him. Right now."
"No, never. It is too dangerous, Shredder. I will not allow it."
"If you will not obey me, then you shall be destroyed."
(Both grunting)
"Yes! Finally! It is done."
"What? What is done?"
"I had to achieve three deeds to end this world. First, destroy a great warrior: Tatsu. Next, resurrect an evil warrior: Shredder. And finally, destroy the Seal that binds me."
―Kavaxas, Tiger Claw, and Undead Shredder[src]

Initiation Of The Netherworld Invasion

"And now, I can unleash the spirits of the Netherworld onto the earth and control both worlds."
"Master Shredder, we must stop him!"
"Don't you understand, Tiger Claw? You were right. Kavaxas is my master now."
(Evil laughter)
"Watch as the world ends."
―Kavaxas, Tiger Claw, and Undead Shredder[src]

Final Showdown With Kavaxas

"In a dimension of suffering, in an age of pain, I ruled on a throne of bone. I, Kavaxas, swore one day I would rule all dimensions. The time has come!"

Michelangelo Rebuilds The Seal

"Huh? Ah-ha!"
(Dramatic music)
"Yeah, boy!"
"What are you doing?"
(Triumphant music)
"Impossible! The Seal cannot be fixed. How how is it working?"
"'Cause I'm super dope like that, fool! Okay, Hot Head, you're gonna stop the ghost invasion and make everything normal again! Your new boss, Mikey, commands you."
"I must obey!"
―Kavaxas and Michelangelo[src]

End Of The Invasion

Banishment To The Netherworld

"I get it now. Mikey! Force Kavaxas to open up a portal back to the Netherworld! Hurry!"
"You heard him, Hot Head! Open up that portal, now!"
"As you commmand, Master."
(Dramatic music)
"We do not belong here, demon.
"No! "
―Kavaxas, Leonardo, Michelangelo, and Undead Shredder[src]



Powers, Abilities, and Weaponry

  • Enhanced Strength
  • Enhanced Endurance
  • Flight
  • Tail
  • Claws
  • Pyrokinesis
  • Soul Absorption
  • Necromancy
  • Demodragon Staff


  • Link To The Mystic Seal of the Ancients



Season 5


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The Gallery of Kavaxas can be see Here.


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  • Two of the producers of the animated series, Brandon Auman and Ciro Nieli, were the ones responsible for announcing Kavaxas in each of their accounts on Instagram with a concept art of his.
    • Brandon Auman posted the following "Kavaxas is coming to season 5! @superrobot74 designed "Hot Head", and he's being played by Mark Hamill aka Luke Skywalker! @hamillhimself #kavaxas #tmnt #markhamill #booyakasha #teenagemutantninjaturtles #cowabunga".
    • Ciro Nieli posted the following "The force is strong with this one. Honored to invite Mark Hamill to portray this hot headed villain. @hamillhimself #theforceawakens #NickTMNT #nickelodeon #NinjaTurtles #cowabunga #booyakabunga #teenagemutantninjaturtles #starwars #maytheforcebewithyou".
  • He was voiced by Mark Hamill, who has been well known for his roles such as Luke Skywalker (from the Star Wars Franchise) and The Joker (from the Batman Animated Series).
    • Coincidentally, the new film "Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens" came out in theaters in the United States, which is also the same day in which Kavaxas was announced.
  • The illustration of Kavaxas in the research texts that were seen in Scroll of the Demodragon, strongly resembles the 1992 action figure of Hothead, complete with his weapons and helmet.
    • Another addition to this is that Michelangelo starts to refer to him as "Hot Head", as he is an indirect reboot to the character.
  • According to Brandon Auman, Kavaxas was originally created by him when playing the TMNT RPG.