Joroguma True Form
Joroguma in her true form.

Joroguma The Spider Witch
Joroguma mimicking Akemi.

Real Name Joroguma
Alias Joroguma The Spider Witch • Spider Witch • Eight-legged Butt Face
Gender Female
Species Anthropomorphic Spider
Occupations Spider Witch
Team None
Allies Spiders
Enemies Ninja TurtlesMiyamoto UsagiKintaroTanuki
Weapons Jaws • Webbing
Home Usagi Yojimbo Dimension
Height Unknown
Age Unknown
Hair Color None
Eye Color Blue
First Appearance Osoroshi no Tabi
Last Appearance Osoroshi no Tabi
Voiced By Brittany Ishibashi

Joroguma, aka Joroguma The Spider Witch, is an enemy of the Ninja Turtles. She is a anthropomorphic spider/ cat Yokai who originates from the Usagi Yojimbo Dimension, that can the form of anyone loved ones that her victims know. In this occasion she took the form of Akemi, who is a friend of the rabbit ronin, Miyamoto Usagi. He lives inside a cave on her giant spider web, where she abducts his prey and feasts on them, mostly the anthropomorphic citizens that live throughout the lands of feudal Japan. Joroguma debuts in Osoroshi no Tabi.





Powers, Abilities, and Weaponry



Season 5



  • Joroguma was designed and created by Brandon Auman after the actual Japanese Yokai, Jorōgumo. Similar to this show's depiction of the creature of Japanese folklore, it appears to be half spider and disguises its top half as an attractive woman. Along with her deceit and general spider abilities, she can also control fire-breathing spiders.