Fugitoid 01
Zayton Honeycutt as a cyborg.

Fugitoid 02
Zayton Honeycutt as a cyborg in his battle mode.

Fugitoid 03
Zayton Honeycutt as a cyborg being controlled by Overmind.

Zayton Honeycutt as a D'Hoonibian.

Real Name Zayton Honeycutt
Alias Fugitoid • Fugitive Android • Professor Zayton Honeycutt • Honeycutt • Fugit-Dude • Professor • The Professor • Zayton
Gender Male
Species D'Hoonibian (Formerly)
Cyborg (Currently)
Occupations Scientist & Inventor
Captain of the Ulixes
Team Ninja Turtles
Allies Ninja TurtlesApril O'NeilCasey JonesChompy PicassoAeonsUtrom High CouncilKraang SubPrimeVrax BelebomeHiidralaDaagonsSal CommanderMona LisaSalamandrian Air FleetTokkaSplinter
Enemies Lord Vringath DreggTriceraton EmpireKraang Hive MindInsectoidsArmaggonNeutrinosDemon BatsWyrmOvermindVX3 Warbots
Weapons Wrist Cannons
Home D'Hoonib (Formerly)
Ulixes (Currently)
Height 6'
Age Unknown
Hair Color White (D'Hoonibian)
None (Cyborg)
Eye Color Black (D'Hoonibian)
Orange (Cyborg)
First Appearance Annihilation: Earth! Part Two
Last Appearance Earth's Last Stand (Possibly)
Voiced By David Tennant
My name is Professor Zayton Honeycutt, and you, my friends, are about to embark on a wondrous adventure.

—Fugitoid introduces himself to the Ninja Turtles, April O'Neil, and Casey Jones, Annihilation: Earth! Part Two

Zayton Honeycutt, aka Fugitoid, Professor, or Fugitive Android, is an ally of the Ninja Turtles. He was once a scientist and inventor from D'Hoonib, who worked in his laboratory with his lab assistant robot. Once The Kraang came to his laboratory so that he could build them the Heart of Darkness, he did so and regrets this once he found out what the weapon was used for. The Triceratons eventually destroyed his lab and nearly killed him, until his robot saved his brain and stored inside his robotic body. Now that he is a cyborg, he saves the Turtles, April, and Casey from certain doom and time travels 6 months into the past, where they attempted to collect the three pieces of the Heart of Darkness. He ultimately sacrifices himself to destroy both the generator and the Triceraton Mother Ship. Zayton Honeycutt debuts in Annihilation: Earth! Part Two.


Fugitoid was formerly a scientist named Professor Zayton Honeycutt. He lived in a planet full of scientists known as D'Hoonib. Honeycutt had a robot assistant by his side that assisted him in the laboratory. But one day, the Triceratons came and attacked him and his laboratory, because he refused to build weapons for them.After they left, his robot assistant helped him and took Honeycutt's brain. There, Honeycutt's brain took control of the robot body and became a cyborg. When the Triceratons found out that Professor Honeycutt had revived and became part of a robot, he was known as the Fugitive Android, or the Fugitoid.



Fugitoid is a 6-feet-tall pearl white and slender humanoid robot. He has a big, round head that has orange laser eyes that can change due to his emotions, activation, etc. The orange eyes are surrounded by a black, circular area that is inside his white visor. He has an oval black area that is his mouth which projects orange laser lines when ever he speaks. In the ear area, he has three black blotches that light on and off one blotch at a time. His neck is a short, white flexible pipe that is connected to his body. Around his neck, he seems to have sort of a white collar and his abdominal area is a thick white, flexible pipe. He has round shoulders and has a white, flexible pipe as a arm that is connected to the forearm. The forearm is made out the same pearl white armor his body is made out of. The hands are white spheres that are inside of the forearms and he has three fingers that are also made out of flexible pipes. In between his torso and thighs, there is a middle section made of the same armor that covers his body. His thighs are made out of the same flexible pipes and his legs are made out of armor that look like boots.


Powers, Abilities, and Weaponry

  • Fusion Core
  • Nuclear Blast
  • Flashlight Eyes
  • Xaxx Bee Anti-Venom
  • Ulixes
  • Ulixes Stealth Ship





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Season 5


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  • Unlike his 2003 counterpart, Professor Zayton Honeycutt has his brain transferred to his worker robot after getting killed by the Triceratons. In the 2003 TV series, his mind transferred to his worker robot after getting electrocuted by a lightning bolt.