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Foot Bots, aka Robotic Foot Soldiers, are enemies of the Ninja Turtles. They are an army of robots that are a substitution for the Foot Soldiers, which were given to The Foot Clan by the Kraang Hive Mind. They all serve the Shredder and any member of The Foot Clan for missions and guarding, and they can also gain two extra limbs and their hands can turn into weapons. Foot Bots debuts in Follow the Leader.


When Shredder and the Kraang Hive Mind had joined forces to help each other, he was interested in having these aliens help The Foot Clan become advanced in their technology. So later on The Kraang had gifted Shredder and his clan with an army of robots that would be loyal to him. They would soon substitute the Foot Soldiers, after these anonymous army of men had failed him multiple times and were very clumsy in combat against the Ninja Turtles and Splinter. So that's when these adaptive and weaponized robots came into action becoming known as the Foot Bots.

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  • In Follow the Leader, the Foot Bots originally had the ability to be able to imitate the moves of their opponents within seconds of witnessing it.
  • They were gifted to Shredder by the Kraang Hive Mind as they became allies and also Shredder was interested in upgrading The Foot Clan with the technology that The Kraang provided with.